iPhones have an amazing screen and makes a perfect input device for a lot of virtual reality games. With the right headset, it provides an excellent VR experience. Finding good VR games and apps is not as easy for Apple device. This is primarily because Apple is planning to launch directly into Augmented Reality (AR) platform rather than Virtual Reality (VR). Their approach seems to be like the one taken by Microsoft who has already released their AR headset and tools.

 Need suggestions for VR headsets?

Merge VR, Google Cardboard and BlitzWolf VR are three affordable and compatible VR headsets for iPhone users.

Here are some of the best VR games for your iPhone.

  1. End Space VR

What is better than exploring outer space in VR? In this game, you are the fighter pilot tasked with eliminating alien attackers in the outer space. The graphics are realistic and beautiful. You can either use gaze based shooting or pair your phone with a gamepad to trigger your guns.

  1. Roller Coaster VR

Do you like being on a roller coaster? If yes, this game is the must try. You get to try a ride on a very dangerous roller coaster built by the side of a mountain and filled with nerve-wracking adventures. If your friends are prone to anxiety, don’t allow them to try this as the first VR game. It is very realistic and may trigger a mild panic attack. But it is thoroughly enjoyable.

  1. Zombie Shooter VR

How can any list be complete without a Zombie shooting game? Zombie Shooter VR is the perfect game for you if you are addicted to shooting these brain-thirsty walkers. If you like the series ‘The Walking Dead’, you will love this game. You get to walk in tunnels, subway cars and other spooky places and shoot the zombies. What more to say?

If you are not a gaming person, there are a lot of other kinds of fun activities awaiting you in the VR world. Here is a small list of possibilities.

  1. NYT VR

If you want one VR app to help you discover the best out there, let it be NYT VR app. You get to look at New York from the top of the world trade center, visit planet Pluto virtually or watch a series of small documentaries. New York Times puts out an endless list of interesting things to waatch in VR.

  1. YouTube VR

This comes as a surprise to many people. YouTube is slowly becoming the biggest accumulator of VR videos. Add VR or 360 to your search terms to get the VR videos. You can also direct head to YouTube’s VR channel to see their collection.

  1. Relax VR

VR is not limited to the action-packed games or exploring nature. In fact, it can also help you relax amidst the fast-paced city life. Try the Relax VR Rest & Meditation to get a dose of the simulated relaxing world. You can choose either a guided meditation or just a serene locale to escape for a few minutes.