Virtual Reality got a shot in the arm when Oculus released their first developer version of VR headset in 2013. Since then, the company has grown by leaps and bounds and has renewed the interest in the technology.

 Fast forward to 2018 and there are multiple VR headsets available in the market. Starting from the most affordable, to the best of the breed, we have a list of great virtual reality headsets to suit all budgets.

Affordable VR headsets

Google Cardboard is the cheapest, but functional VR headset in the market. It is made of cardboard and lenses and uses your smartphone to give a nice VR experience.

Google Daydream View is a slightly better option if you want a well built, but affordable headset. Apart from a neat head-mounted device, you also get a controller to interact with the VR environment. The headset is made from breathable fabric that shuts out the outside world and provides a superb VR experience.

Both Google Cardboard and Google Daydream View need a good Android smartphone to power the VR.

Best value for money VR headsets

Samsung VR Gear is the South Korean giant’s version of Google Daydream, but specifically for Samsung flagship phones. The controller will cost extra. The experience is very similar to Daydream.

Oculus Go: Although priced in the middle of the road category, Oculus Go is way ahead of the smartphone powered VR headsets. It is a standalone device that can play most of the VR games in Oculus store. It connects with the store via the Oculus app on your smartphone. If you are about to buy a VR headset, this is the best one to buy right now.

The best VR headsets

On the premium side of the VR headsets, we have Oculus Rift. This is one of the best VR devices on the market and offers a believable ‘simulated experience’. Apart from the stiff price tag, it also needs a powerful PC to provide the input.

HTC Vive is a top of the line VR device which operates similar to Oculus Rift. It offers a fantastic immersive VR experience. Equipped with great motion tracking and head tracking sensors, the Vive is truly a masterpiece.

PlayStation VR is a console-based VR headset from Sony. It offers one of the best screen refresh rates in the market. The number of titles available is small but is continuously growing. If you already have invested in a PlayStation console, PlayStation VR makes a great addition.

 HTC also has a professional version called HTC Vive Pro. This is the most expensive consumer-grade VR headset that has cool additional features. But Vive pro is not a good value for money when compared with HTC Vive.

 The best VR headset to buy right now is the Oculus Go. It is wireless, does not need a PC or a console and is priced affordably. And it comes with controllers to interact with the VR environment. All in all, this is the best buy.